Friday, November 20, 2009

2 hours at Pike Place

Ahhhh - Pike Place Market. A photographer's paradise, where a wonderful array of subjects come together in one magical place. Food, people, performers, food, flowers, dogs, food, did I mention the mini donut stand emitting a gravitational pull? In just 2 hours I saw so much: everything from a Bassett Hound in a stroller, to a jump roping team in the rain, to a leaping Nutcracker (yes, the real one from Pacific Northwest Ballet!), to dried winter flower bouquets and scrumptious produce. You just can't beat a trip to the Market. It's always worth it! See for yourself:


  1. These are wonderful! You captured the enviroment perfectly. Love the lighting.

  2. Pretty amazing how the composition suggests fine art. When I frame then crop photos for the paper, I try try to use lines and form in a meaningful way, but I'm rarely satisfied. You have a wonderful eye!

  3. Pomegranates are magical looking to me. Beautiful shots! Makes me miss my hometown.